Recently, I returned from a 5-day trip that involved a two and a half hour flight each way.  The day after the return flight home, I sat in my doctor’s office. Tonsillitis. As my doctor washed her hands, wiped down her word processor and pen, I asked if I needed to hang a sign around my neck. Unclean. Or whether I needed to wear a bell, announcing my approach. She didn’t think so.

Truth is, I was contagious. Armed with antibiotics, I wondered who I might have contracted the illness from. I concluded it might have been the toddler on the flight out, who sneezed all over me as I read Kyle Idleman’s book, Not a Fan.

There is really no way to know where the germs came from, and it really doesn’t matter.  What mattered now was to let the people I had been in close contact with, know I had tonsillitis. Just in case I had exposed them to the infection. On the trip, I had visited my almost 93-year-old mother, Sissy and Chief, my nephew and his wife, and their two pre-schoolers. (Did you know there are McDonald’s restaurants that have talking trashcans? They tell you, “Thank you.” when you throw your trash away. I never knew…I told my trashcan he was welcome.)

Having tonsillitis, and being contagious, got me to thinking.  Am I contagious for Christ? When I am around other people, do I help lead them to Jesus? Do they “catch” something good from being with me?

Or is it be the other way around? Do I spread toxic attitudes and lead them further away? Hmmm.

As far as I am aware, none of the people I came in close contact with caught tonsillitis. That’s a good thing. But, did they catch anything positive from being around me?

Something to think about.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

I wish you well.


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Rivers Books

Very nice, Sandy. Too bad you are not well, but knowing you, you will back on track shortly. Yes, Sandy, we all catch your good vibes. Thanks for sharing them.